Introduction to Microfinance


We hear that a lot of new businesses have made an entry and lot of them have vanished just like that! There are many reasons behind it, one of the main reasons we found out was lack of financial support. Finances play a vital role in shaping the business of any kind. Without a proper support of finance, be the best of talent can’t be showcased and cant is brought to the world, and all of it goes in vain.

So, how do any small businesses thrive in the initial days? How do they fund their innovative idea? How is it possible for them to sustain the expenses and go forward with ideas to lead the business? Though family and friends are an option at the beginning, it can’t be always and can’t be full too; no matter how hard, one need a strong back power to help financially. So, what’s the solid option to become free, emerging businessmen or businesswomen?

Small business ideas are helped and financed by microfinance options in the suburban areas, like using the help of co-operative banks, smaller banks, and small fund houses. This small chain of financial service groups falls under the category of microfinance.

So, what exactly is microfinance?

For all those, small business entrepreneurs, this is one of the biggest fund house, that can help in getting your small capital for your start-up business, which the main big banks don’t consider and don’t bother to cater. This is mainly to support and encourage the smaller group of people with no capital, or very less capital but with talent and skill to come up with their business.

How to get help?

You can apply for this financing option by applying at several affiliated banks or organizations. Certain larger banks too, now, give microcredit to small-scale businessmen. Approaching an organization, that takes care of the microfinancing that also is non-profit organizations.

What does it cover?

Microfinance covers all your financial needs like a business in small scale, housing (smaller level), healthcare, insurance and few others.

Why is it helpful for small-scale businessmen?

There is no collateral required to be submitted as a deposit for your business finance or loan, considerably lesser interest rate, a short period of the loan, small amounts. Hence it’s very much suitable for emerging businesses.

How to proceed?

One needs to open a savings account in the respected small organization, and then proceed with loans or other needs and start their business journey.

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